Friday, December 3, 2010

Optimize your website with Organic SEO

Unpaid term organic seo is empowered by the search engines which specify techniques to enhance visibility and popularity of the link. Existence over the World Wide Web is not sufficient; visibility is also important in search engines results.

Why it is known as organic because it is natural term of promotion which is used for branding of the site without any harm. Organic SEO techniques are referred for stability and long term effective results. It is complex of effective techniques which is required for getting traffic and increase sales through the website.

Many promotional activities can be included in complete seo but for producing effective result you will have to concentrate on sequence of the activities because it is crucial for site optimization. There are lots of areas where webmasters can easily concentrate for optimizing a site completely like URL’s, Title, Description, Navigations, Content and Anchor Text of the site.

In term of optimizing a site title and description are unique areas to describe your product and services that is offered through the website because fresh, unique and striking keywords regarding your services in title & description will be responsible for the organic traffic.

Well arranged site structure makes work easier of the search engines and helps to crawl and traverse the all URL’s of the site. Each web page must be developed with unique URL’s and proper page identification that helps to recognize the page because simple and organized URL’s are easily memorized.

A website is known as idol whenever it satisfies requirement of the users as well as search engine because both expects better and proper information through your site and that can be done through the navigations. Before defining navigation you must have raw idea of all web pages and their and connectivity. How can be switched a visitor from one page to another? Serve breadcrumb on each page which navigates visitors directly to desired page and it can be placed on top or bottom as per your website design.

Navigating a heavy website which contains thousands of pages is quite typical to organized by pages, so improve visibility of each page we create sitemaps. Generally two types of sitemaps are created first one is dedicated to visitors usually prepared in HTML which are easy to traverse and search individual page into whole site and second is prepared in XML for the search engines which provides a way to crawl all pages of the site and increase probability to index web pages in the search engine.

Engaging visitor for informational site is quite typical except product based but exclusive content and accurate information regarding products and services can entangle successfully. Fresh content is vital like as oxygen because it keeps in touch existing visitors as well as new visitors. Content must be well organized around the subject and split them into important segments because logically segmented content enhances visualization. Content is powerful factor of the site so make sure during developing content, it must be informative, unique and easy getting for both visitors and search engines.

Search engine and visitors both takes equal importance so website should contain something special which is preferred by both like Anchor Text. It is used to navigate visitors that maybe existing on your own site or maybe another one. It is good to circulate visitors around the website. Generally descriptive words or phrase are used for anchor text so descriptive words should be involved during developing content.

Images have same potential like as content to understand any topic so contribution of the images can’t be neglected. Images can be used optimizing a site with the attribute “alt” tag which specifies alternative text for the images. Alt tag is useful either we work on a browser which doesn’t support images or screen reader. To recognize images we generate Image Sitemap which provides brief information about images and it is prepared like as XML sitemap.

Proper heading of the content provides overview of specific segment hence don’t forget to add them effectivily. Generally these are known as HTML tags that had been defined from <h1> to <h6> which refers different size of the heading that important to take attention of the users.

Website contains information that either required for search engine or visitors but sometime it contains data that doesn’t need to crawl by the search engine. To restrict crawling we use robots.txt for those web pages they might be not important for visitors. It specifies crawling of web pages but it can’t be recommended to block sensitive credentials of the site because some rouge search engines don’t follow Robots Exclusion Standard and violate rules of robots.txt.

Above furnished techniques are required for well organized website but the most powerful activity has remained for discussing is Promotion. Generally web pages are discovered by the search engines and from some referral site. Number of referral sites which pointing back to the original site are known as Back Links and all offline activities responsible for back links that increases value of the site. Social Media sites and communities are tremendous platform to reach interested group of your services and keep in touch them for resultant traffic and promotion.


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